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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Selling / Listing a Home

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Selling / listing your home is stressful.  The See Team knows it’s your single biggest asset and that you want top dollar for it.  Jacci and Rachael See are professional REALTORS® and advise clients to avoid these Top 10 Mistakes People Make when putting a home on the market.

  1. Selling your home on your own.  For Sale by Owner Numbers don’t lie: homes without representation remain on the market longer and end up selling at a lower price than those sold by realtors. Why?  Homeowners believe that they will save real estate commissions by selling on their own. Buyers look at FSBOs because they believe they can save agent commission. The seller and buyer can’t both save the commission.
  2. Not hiring the right REALTOR®.  Make sure your REALTOR® is well-connected and is familiar with your area (knows schools, shops, transportation, etc.).  If your realtor can’t answer these questions, you’re not hiring the right person :  what’s my local market like?  How many homes are for sale in my neighborhood and for what price?  How fast do they sell?  What is the condition of my home and what amenities does it have?  How does it compare to other houses on the market? What do I fix for the best ROI?
  3. Overpricing (and under pricing) your home. Make sure your REALTOR® understands your market.  Pricing your home at market value means selling your home quickly and for top dollar.  Overpriced homes sit on the market and as a result, sell for below market value.
  4. Listing a vacant house or (trying) to sell it before it’s ready. Viewing an empty house makes buyers lackluster. When homes are staged, they sell faster and for more money. Don’t forget that 90% of all buyers start a home search online, and you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Make sure the photos of your house are spectacular.
  5. Over-improving your house.  Adding a third bath may seem like a good idea but you may not reap the cost when you sell your home.  Make sure your improvements are in-line with your neighborhood; purchase prices are set according the area in which you live.  If your neighbors don’t have 3 bathrooms or marble counters, then you may not reap the costs of these improvements.
  6. Neglecting repairs.  Fix things ahead of time so buyers see your home’s true value. Replace worn carpets.  Fix leaky faucets.  Clean gutters.  Paint old walls.  Get rid of junk and old appliances.  Be lazy about repairs, and you’ll sell your house for less.
  7. Mis-timing the sale.  Talk to your accountant to determine if any long-term capital gains tax breaks apply and time the sale accordingly.
  8. Not disclosing problems (buyers and their home inspectors always uncover problems).  Don’t cover or hide any repairs or problems.  List any issues up front & you’ll be happy in the end.
  9. Letting ego and emotions get in the way of negotiations.  When sellers take negotiating personally, they lose potential buyers.  Let your realtor handle negotiations – it’s in their training.  Remind yourself that when you put your home on the market, it’s no longer yours – it becomes a commodity.
  10. Overlooking extra expenses at closing.  Most sellers throw thousands away by not requesting and confirming closing fees and expenses UPFRONT.

If you’re listing or putting your home on the Madison / Middleton WI Real Estate market, you want the pros to handle the details.  Jacci and Rachael See have worked as professional REALTORS® for decades.  They know how to appraise the value of your home and list it for true market value.  Their marketing expertise helps sell it faster and for more money.  Their negotiating expertise works to your favor.

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